Warm pancakes, even warmer hearts

Hugunin Hall hosts pancake dinner for Friday Night Club

With the semester in full swing, sometimes you need a change to make the rest of it less tedious. With that being said, what is better than eating breakfast for dinner? On Oct. 28, Hugunin Hall did just that.

The residence hall hosted the weekly Friday Night Club.

“This is the first time Hugunin has ran it. There have been dinners in the past, but this is as far as I know, the first time Hugunin has been in charge,” senior media studies major Haley Kaiser said.

All nine Resident Assistants and the Resident Director from the hall helped run the event. The staff stocked up on pancake mix and lots of plates and forks before coming together to host the event.

“Beforehand we just had to make sure we clearly communicated to the people working back here, food services. It wasn’t a big deal or anything, but it was great for this event and we did well,” junior biology major Luke Schwartz said.

However, the night didn’t entirely run smoothly. There were a few hiccups but the Hugunin staff found ways to still make the night a success.

“Three grills draw a lot of amps so we accidentally plugged them all into the same one and then we discovered, ‘hey maybe we shouldn’t do that’,” senior software engineering major Jake Kordus said. “We came up with an alternate strategy, which was making them at a spot [Hugunin] that did have power and then bring them here. GWAM was kind enough to let us use their grill to make pancakes after that.”

There were around 100 people who attended the event and everyone seemed to have fun, even with the long lines. Kordus was thankful for everyone’s patience after they had trouble with the grills.

“I explained the problem to them [students] and made sure everyone was aware [of the situation], and after that everyone was super patient,” he said. “So they were really nice and the pancakes were warm and so were our hearts.”

Even with some technical difficulties, the pancake night was a big success.

“People here are really friendly and I love helping out the people and having a good night,” Schwartz said.