Scheen’s time to shine

Comedian Jeff Scheen performs at CPR Stand-up Saturday event

The weekend was full of laughter as Campus Programming and Relations held their third Stand-Up Saturday of the semester.

Saturday, Nov. 12 highlighted the comedic talent of Jeff Scheen as he performed for a large crowd in the Markee Pioneer Crossing.

Scheen is known for his appearances on the TV series Laughs, as well as in Chicago at the Laugh Factory and Zanies.

According to Scheen’s website, “his offbeat humor goes along nicely with his expressive yet stupid face.” This description fits his comedy style well as he demonstrated during his performance.

Scheen’s stand-up routine included many stories and a few one-liners. He started off his routine by making jokes about his father and his own sexuality. He shared hilarious and hopefully fabricated stories about his life.

From unexpected trips to Canada to the times he participated in medieval live action role-play, also known as LARP, Scheen made his life appear to be a chronological story of hilarious events.

Scheen discussed his habits of repeating everything he said in a whisper to confirm that he said it and the time that he got mugged by a “nerd” dressed as a mosquito. His life wasn’t the only topic of the night, however. Scheen also taught the audience some valuable lessons. These lessons included teaching kids at an early age that murder is wrong to why rich households always appear to have small families.

The joke of the night that seemed to get the biggest reaction from the crowd was his story about getting run over by a car. In short, he was living in a large town and was heading towards the bus stop. The bus arrived while he was on the other side of the street. He described his mindset as in “bus mode,” which means the only thing he was concerned about was getting on that bus. He continued his story halfway across the street where he looked to his right and saw a small car coming towards him. He does not remember anything after that besides standing up and getting onto the bus. Then, he remembered getting off the bus, going to the hospital and eventually sneaking out.

You can learn more about Jeff on his website: The next Stand-Up Saturday will be Dec. 3 featuring Kiran Deo