Intercondylar Eminence wins trivia

Biology and Pre-Health club host fourth annual Mardi Gras themed trivia night

The biology and the pre-health clubs on the University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus hosted their fourth annual trivia night; the theme this year was Mardi Gras. Themed questions began each round, totaling five rounds. The rounds featured topics which included: geography, UW-Platteville, tradition and music. Between some rounds were mini-games that could earn you extra points. The winning team was “Intercondylar Eminence”, with “Beyonce’s Babeez” and “Slippery Muse” coming in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

It takes a long time to plan an event like this. “We began preparations right after trivia night ended last year. We saved things we re-purpose for this year,” senior biology major and biology club president Hannah Hendel said.

The hard work paid off, all of Velzy Commons was decorated with the Mardi Gras theme. The tables were decorated with purple, green and yellow tablecloths. There were even complementary Mardi Gras masks at the entrance and a select few tables. There was also a snack section that had chips and pretzels with juice or lemonade to wash it down.

“We didn’t want to have a Valentine’s Day theme because it seemed sort of cheesy. So instead we picked the second most in season thing,” Hendel said.

This was the fourth year that the biology and pre-health clubs held this event, so it makes sense that it was very well organized.

“We took the components that we know have worked in the past and fixed things that haven’t,” Hendel said, “The most important element that we have been focusing on this year is the promotion around campus, as well as the community.” The promotion for this event worked well this year as there was a line out the door to get registered and almost all the tables were filled with teams, some even pulled extra chairs for their premade teammates.

This event was not limited to just UW-Platteville students though; it also drew in local people as well.

Nik Jacobs, a student at Kirkwood and his wife Kessa Jacobs said, “We got married here and we go to Trivia Nights at Steve’s Pizza, so we decided to come. We liked it and we met a lot of nice people.”

The clubs hosting the event are located right here on campus. UW-Platteville’s biology club is a place where people who enjoy any aspect of biology can come in and be a part of a community. Occasionally, the club will hire speakers in various fields of science to come in and speak to the members.

UW-Platteville’s pre-health club is for students who want to go into a career in healthcare. They give information about graduate schools and create networks of people who can help students learn about pre-health careers.

All proceeds of this event went to the biology peer-mentor program. This program helps give professional mentors to lower classmen and upperclassmen, helping them learn and grow in their field.