SPOILER ALERT: ‘Younger and Restless’ TV review

People wish they could go back in time and redo an aspect of their life. Whether it be a first date, or even a marriage that they came to regret. However, everyone knows that time travel is not something plausible in this day in age but in Hollywood, anything is possible.

The television show Younger, which aired in 2015 on TV Land, follows the life of a 40-year-old New Jersey woman named Liza pretending to be a 26-year-old in order to get a job in New York City in publishing. After getting a divorce and raising her now 18-year-old daughter Caitlin, it’s time for Liza to go back to work in the publishing industry where she once thrived. However, finding a job as a 40-year-old turns out to be harder than anticipated. When Liza is just about to give up on finding a job in publishing, a 26-year-old at a bar mistakes her as a 26-year-old and Liza along with her best friend and roommate Maggie make a plan. Liza gets a complete makeover and becomes a “26-year-old” and almost immediately gets a job in publishing as an assistant to the director of marketing. From there, the show follows Liza’s career and romantic relationships as she tries to keep her New Jersey life separate from her new 26-year-old life in New York.

The show did not have much of a following when it first began but its cast and creator Darren Star have recently gotten the show more attention. Darren Star is one of the creators of Sex and the City and he has brought much of the diehard fans to Younger. Star’s casting choices for the show are also another big reason for its recent publicity. Liza is played by Broadway star Sutton Foster which has led lovers of the theater to find their way to the TV screen. Foster, however, is not the only well-known actress in the show. Television veterans Hilary Duff and Debi Mazar also have large supporting roles in the show as well. Even though the show follows a female protagonist, the male actors are a big part of the show and its popularity.

In the show Liza is caught in a love triangle with a 26-year-old “side piece” and her 40-year-old boss. Actor Nico Tortorella from The Following plays 26-year-old Josh who mistakes Liza for a 26-year-old and Peter Hermann plays Charles, Liza’s recently divorced boss. Both men are attracted to Liza and vice versa which puts Liza in the position of having to choose which man is right for her. However, Liza is not the only one that has to choose between the two men, the viewers do too. Viewers have formed teams for both Charles and Josh with each team believing Liza should be with their choice.

As a whole, I give this show 5 out of 5 stars. The show is the perfect combination of drama and comedy. The show also tackles topics that are largely discussed in the media today such as romantic and sexual relationships which has helped the show get a lot of Hollywood buzz. Younger also keeps viewers on the edge of their seats never knowing when and who is going find out Liza’s secret. Younger recently ended its third season but is set to come back for its fourth season on TVLand this summer.