Sorority rewards freshman


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Maya Kramer, Becky Holmquest and Jacqueline LeFevre pose after receiving reward.


Every year Kappa Alpha Sigma gives out a couple of $100 scholarships to deserving female freshman. The scholarship is awarded to those who are seen as well-rounded women.

“We [the ladies of Kappa Alpha Sigma] have the girl pick one [virtue] of them and relate back to their lives and how they relate to them,” sophomore criminal justice major Becky Holmquest said.

These virtues are love, hope, charity, honesty, loyalty, obedience and self-help. These are the virtues that the ladies of Kappa Alpha Sigma live by which is why they make sure to include them within the scholarship application process.

Kappa Alpha Sigma contacts ladies over the summer and makes them aware of this scholarship opportunity. The application process requires applicants to fill out a form stating their name, hometown, extracurricular activities, community service and which of the seven Kappa Alpha Sigma’s virtues they relate to the most.

This year’s freshman scholarship recipients are animal science major Maya Kramer and biology major Jacqueline LeFevre.

“It [the scholarship] helped me financially a lot because coming from a single parent home, it’s hard to kind of pay for college. This opportunity really helped me out,” Kramer said.

LeFevre was also thankful for the scholarship as she too wasn’t sure how to pay for college given her family situation.

“I have a sister who’s in college right now. My parents are trying to help us both by supporting our tuition and what not, so any scholarship I can receive is definitely needed and appreciated,” LeFevre said.

The ladies of Kappa Alpha Sigma fund these scholarship themselves by including the cost in their dues, which they pay every semester in order to maintain membership. These dues not only fund this scholarship but also fund anything else the ladies do throughout the semester.

This scholarship has become a tradition within Kappa Alpha Sigma spanning back at least 10 years.