Bridgefest Survives Storm!

Bridgefest 2018 continued through bad weather

Bridgefest is one of Welcome Weekends biggest events – not even rain or tornado warnings could bring it down.

“The construction outside Engineering Hall had just been finished, but it [the lawn] was all mud,” director of campus activities David Nevins said.

To further complicate the logistics of Bridgefest, the fencing off the sidewalks surrounding the Fieldhouse would make the path to get to the event rather difficult.

“We made the decision [to move Bridgefest locations] late Friday afternoon after looking at the weather all week,” involvement coordinator for student organizations Becky Hass said.

Despite the change of venue, many students still enjoyed themselves.

“The event was fun, and I enjoyed the free snacks and games they had to play,” senior criminal justice major Jordan Williams said.

The majority of Bridgefest attractions consisted of student organizations adding to the carnival aesthetic with their own games and giveaways.

“The event was pretty neat. It was a great day. I met many new people who seemed ready to be involved,” senior software engineering major William Seth McClay said.

The attendance for student organizations was high, as well.

“We had about 70 student organizations. There was frisbee spin art, popsicles, ice-cream, someone making dog-tags and keychains and all kinds of candy,” Hass said.

A popular attraction at the event was the mechanical bull.

“I saw people riding and wanted to see how much longer than them I could stay on it. Before, I was thinking of ways to help myself stay up. During, I was looking at the clock and just hoping I wouldn’t fall off immediately. After, I was thinking ‘ouch, oof, ow, my knees!’” Williams said.

Williams was able to hold on for a respectable twelve seconds. The record time atop the mechanical bull was forty-seven seconds.

“I was encouraging my staff to have some fun. They wanted me to try it [the mechanical bull], too, and the line was short,” Hass said.

The fun was interrupted by a tornado warning about halfway through the event.

“One of the people at the northwest doors called me to tell me they heard sirens. We had everybody go and direct people to where they should be going,” Hass recounted.

CPR and present faculty ushered the crowd into the interior rooms and offices of the student center’s basement.

“After all of Bridgefest I was thankful to everybody that came and everybody that helped setup and helped during the tornado warning,” Hass said.

The estimated attendance at Bridgefest was between 700 and 1000 which matched last year’s estimate.