Involvement Fair Kicks off the year

Student organizations happy to participate

The involvement fair had many clubs participate this semester. Larger clubs, like SAE, had some of their Bajas parked on the West Lawn, and the campus radio, 90.5fm, had their music system playing. Among the bigger organizations were some brand new clubs, such as the newly formed Swimming Club. Organizations that couldn’t reserve tables utilized the lack of space by flowing through the crowd while handing out business cards and fliers.

“It’s easy to start [a club],” junior industrial engineering major Rachel Walter said. “It’s hard getting people to commit, though.”

Despite what she said, the Swimming Club was off to a strong start, as they collected over 50 signatures at Bridgefest earlier in the month.

Another club that was receiving a lot of new interested members was the Swing Dance Club. They were unable to secure a table for the Involvement Fair, so they went into the fair with the goal of talking to at least one new person.

Students organizations used this time to show what they have to offer students who join.

“We offer a lot of hands-on experience, and it’s a big resume builder,” Baja captain of SAE and senior mechanical engineering major Brady Sturm said.

The Involvement Fair also hosted student organizations from outside of campus, such as the Catholic Newman Center, found just across the street from Ullsvick Hall.

“It’s about being together and having fun,” campus minister Meg Hrud said.

The crowd at the Involvement Fair was present in some size throughout the event.

“I expected spikes and valleys in the crowd. What surprised me was the lack of drop off in the crowd,” Involvement Coordinator for Student Organizations Becky Hass said.  “What also surprised me was the waiting line for clubs.”