Students write letters to veterans

Elizabeth Kaiser graphic

Elizabeth Kaiser graphic

Campus Programming and Relations hosted an event to honor local veterans in the Pioneer Involvement Center.

Students were given a cup of Culver’s custard in exchange for a handwritten or drawn letter to local on-campus veterans, which was delivered by the Student Veteran Organization at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, located on third floor of Royce Hall.

While students were eating ice cream and writing letters, the Platteville Student Veteran Organization explained what their organization does. They offer student veterans opportunities to come together and build support systems and camaraderie. The Platteville’s Student Veteran Organization’s goals are to unite student veterans and current members of the military on campus and to give a voice to the veterans on campus and the community. They also have a support system for developing social skills, academics and understanding of one another.

UW-Platteville’s Student Veteran Organization also hosts fundraisers for veteran support organizations, the Platteville community and various other group gatherings such as the event hosted at the Pioneer Involvement Center.

“It was a fun mini event where students could write mini letters to local veterans. It was also a quick stress reliever because students could take their minds off of classes while they colored with crayons, colored pencils and markers. This event is a win-win for students and veterans because veterans get to be recognized for their services and students get to have free Culver’s ice cream, but it doesn’t beat Dairy Queen,” Gamma Phi Beta member Jillian Groth said.

Campus Programming and Relations wants to give a special thank you to Culver’s for supplying the custard while students wrote letters, thank you to the UW-Platteville’s Student Veteran Club for talking to students and a special thank you for the students who came out and wrote letters to local veterans.