Late night partying


Elizabeth kaiser photo

The spring semester can be a stressful and high-stakes time for many students at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Having a huge celebration like Late Night at the Markee to look forward to is helpful for the student body. This year, Campus Planning and Relations shook up their formula again with a “mind-reading nerd” (mentalist) and also by setting up a laser tag arena in their offices. There were also other fun-filled activities such as Arrow Tag, promoted by the Wisconsin National Guard, tie-dye shirt making, petting exotic animals, mechanical bull riding and a live DJ from the campus radio station 90.5 WSUP. You could also say that there was a hot dog-eating contest. Most of the food and drinks were hotdogs and Monster energy drinks provided from CPR. “I went for the tarot card reading and tie-dye. I stayed at the Markee until 11pm,” junior professional writing major Monica Wenton said. 

Most students do not know what Arrow Tag is, but it is like a game of dodgeball without the ball and replaced with a face mask and arrows with foam tips. Arrows are placed in the middle of the court/area, and then players can start shooting once behind their half of the court. If players catch an arrow in flight, it allows another player that is out to come back in. However, if you get hit by an arrow in flight, you are out. Just remember to not creep the string, otherwise you’d get a huge arm bruise. 

The mentalist’s performance complemented the popular tarot card reading attraction of Late Night at the Markee. Another new attraction to the party was a tie-dye station for t-shirts which was added to the event as part of the theme. 

“The mentalist was really popular,” senior environmental engineering major Tara Gambon said, “people seemed to like it.”

Late Night at the Markee is one of the few events during the academic year that runs later than 10pm. Events usually lose their attendees around that time because students need to study, but at this point in the year, students are willing to relax later before the final exam review sessions start in classes. 

“The radio came and kept the energy up,” Gambon said.

The campus radio station, WSUP-Platteville, played music at the event after the mentalist ended his performance. There was plenty of dancing, as well as line dancing to songs such as Cha Cha slide, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide and more. The radio station gave away free t-shirts and sandwich coupons. 

The allure of this event over other activities on a Friday night, is the work and effort that goes into planning this large of an event. CPR gathered enough help to vend free food on every floor and keep track of attendees at each door.