Badger Bros Artist Spotlight: Trocadero

Another semester, another round of great tunes to share with you

You know what they say… new year, new me, which is why I’m covering an artist that I’ve listened to for five years now: Trocadero. If you’ve been around the internet, you have probably not heard of them, but you might have heard their music in the popular web series “Red vs. Blue.”
Trocadero began composing in 2003, writing all the music for “Red vs. Blue.” Their first album “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue: Soundtrack to Red vs. Blue” wouldn’t be released until several months after the show’s first episode.
Six years later they released their second album, “Ghosts That Linger,” coinciding with a soundtrack and style change of the web series. It took three more years for another album, “Flying by Wire,” to drop. What I’m trying to say is, there was a lot of time between their albums. Until there wasn’t.
In 2013, they released the singles “Contact” and “Official Grifball Theme from Red vs. Blue,” really kicking things off. They released “Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack” in 2014, followed by “Red vs. Blue Season 13 Soundtrack” in 2015. Both had fewer lyric-focused tracks. Then, in 2015, they released the single “Flying Bird” to end their run of yearly releases.
In 2019, they exploded again, releasing three new singles, “Blood Gulch Blue,” “(I’m My Best) Enemy” and “Rush.” Plus, they released two new albums, “Red vs. Blue Season 16 (Original Soundtrack)” and “Red vs. Blue Season 17 (Original Soundtrack).”
Now, as per the usual, it’s time to head into the top five songs, with a little bonus at the end.
Number five would have to be “Contact.” It’s a great song that effectively conveys Trocadero vibes. I used to listen to it on repeat for hours. It’s one of their less alt-rock/synthpop crossovers, relying more on guitar to carry the song. On top of this, we’ll throw in honorable mentions to “Contact (Redux),” which is the sad boi version and “Contact (Final Transmission),” which is where men cried. That’s me. I’m men.
As for number four, that goes to “Third Wave.” Definitely one of their weirder non-soundtrack lyric songs, with a looping “Sanguis Virginis, poenam vocabat,” which I believe translates to “Virgin blood, he called penalty,” but that’s a really rough translation. Anyway, it’s a weird, intensity-increasing song that’s pretty good.
Third is “In Spite of Fear,” one of their no-lyric soundtrack songs that plays during a very emotional moment of season 13. It conveys the feeling of facing your fears and doing what’s right despite all odds. It may not have lyrics, but the sounds convey a thousand words.
Number two is “A Girl Named Tex.” This is a gunfighter ballad if I’ve ever heard one; not in the traditional country song sense, but one nonetheless. It tells the story of, well, a girl named Tex. The sick bass and snares carry the piece, and the lead singer acts as more of a narrator. Plus, the chorus really just punches the song home.
And, finally, number one: “Steady Ride (Gunmetal Green).” An upbeat alt-rock piece driven along by a funky keyboard riff, it’s a good song to work to, chill to, drive to; it covers all the bases in my book. I beyond vibe to this song.
Aha! You thought I was done. Noooo. We’ve got some updates. Cryoshell released their first single in over a year, and it wasn’t “Dive,” but rather “Creeping in My Soul (Classical Version);” an orchestral cover of “Creeping in My Soul.” And that’s all she wrote.
The biggest development, however, is with Porter Robinson. He released his first song not under the Virtual Self alias in four years, titled “Get Your Wish.” FOUR YEARS. And I love it. It carries the same energy as “Worlds” and “Shelter,” which is some of the best stuff he’s produced. All I have to say is give it a listen.
And that’s it. As always, if you have feedback send it to [email protected], and I’ll see you all next week.