How one UW-Platteville student’s life is changing due to COVID-19

How many of you fear trying new things so much that you never actually try them until and unless someone nicely forces you to?
COVID-19 has been especially difficult for me because of all the new things it has forced me to try.
One of these brand-new things is online classes. I had no idea whatsoever how to use Zoom until a two weeks ago. In addition, not being an observant person, I didn’t even know Zoom existed on Canvas until a few weeks ago.
Another brand-new aspect of online classes is not being able to talk to my professors after class. I have always been able to do this throughout what I have completed of college.
Finally, for the first time during my education, I can’t keep going to meetings for the clubs I am a member of, nor start doing more with the clubs than just going to the meetings. This makes me feel very sad because I was going to try even harder this semester than last to make it to activities that the Latino Student Union puts on.
On a side note, this year was the first year ever I had two weeks for spring break.
Another thing in my life that has changed in the last month is how I am having my twice a week counseling appointments with my therapist from Platteville Family Resource Center, Wendy Eames. For the foreseeable future, I will be having tele-counseling through the Zoom feature on Canvas.
One of the reasons for this change is so the cleaning staff can do a deep clean of the Southwest Behavioral Services part of the building. This change makes me a bit nervous because there will be a chance of my mom, my dad and/or my brother, Sam, overhearing parts of my sessions.
Another thing in my life that has changed is not being able to worship at my church, First English Lutheran, until after Easter, and instead having to listen to the church’s radio broadcast to
get the service. This change makes me wish I could cry because I will miss Easter service for probably the first time in my entire life, and especially because I will miss getting to walk into the nave with a palm singing All Glory Laud and Honor on Palm Sunday.
One final thing in my life that has changed is that I am not able to get steamers from my favorite coffee shop, 2nd & Main Coffeehouse and Pub, otherwise known as Savory Cafe on East Main Street, because they are not delivering or doing curbside pickup. This change makes me sad because 2nd & Main Coffeehouse and Pub is one of the places I like walking to, and because I can’t really have coffee drinks with sugar syrups.