Students staying happy and healthy

Checking in on fellow Pioneers during this difficult semester

I checked on some of my fellow Pioneers to see what things they were doing during self-quarantine.
We have a lot of students who are working out to stay fit and to get outside. Many of our Pioneers want out of the house, so going for runs and walks outside is one of the top isolation activities.
Junior animal science major Callie Miller says, “I have been going kinda insane with all of this going on, but I try to go for a run when I can”. She also recommends talking to friends. Other students have taken their dogs out for walks too, so our Pioneer doggy friends are also happy and healthy.
Sophomore agribusiness major Lyndsay Ward explains she takes her dog, Gracie, out for walks to “avoid banging my head on a brick wall”. (Pioneers, please do not bang your head on a brick wall!)
Fellow reporter Brandon Snyder is taming a stray cat that he has named Pepper and is making it part of his family. Animal science major, Grace Klimek is also walking her dogs frequently, and riding her beloved paint gelding, Parker.
Other students have tried gardening.
Electrical engineering major Hailey Gabriel says, “Quarantine is a struggle. I’ve started two small window gardens, giving me purpose in taking care of something, as well as bringing me some happiness with each new sprout.” She plans to build a raised garden bed in her yard. With nicer weather on the way, gardening is a perfect excuse to be out in the sun all day getting your hands a little dirty.
Some students have been getting in touch with their creative sides; from cooking to making jewelry, our Pioneers are finding hobbies. Sophomore agriculture major Katherine Novak has been learning and making up recipes with her family.
“My favorite recipe so far has been making Chicken Primavera”. Lucky for me, Katherine is one of my roommates next year, and I cannot wait to try out some of her recipes.
Another creative hobby has been making jewelry. Senior agribusiness major Samantha Schmidt has been very busy. When she is not managing the social media at Longhorn Saddlery, she is honing her craft of making earrings. She started by making leather earrings with scraps left over from Longhorn’s leather shop.
Overall, it was nice to be able to talk to some fellow classmates and find out how they are doing, as well as what they are doing to stay happy and healthy during these difficult times. Hopefully they have offered some inspiration during this crazy time!