UW-Platteville Steel Bridge Team


Steel Bridge Club Facebook photo

Looking for a fun extracurricular activity? Or a club that would use your engineering skills? Then the Steel Bridge Team sounds like a great fit for you. Even if you know nothing about building bridges or about types of metal, they would love to have you.
At first, Steel Bridge Team might sound intimidating. However, Steel Bridge Team says they are “looking for new and younger members interested in learning about steel fabrication, welding or design.” They are willing to teach you what you need to know about building and designing the bridge as they go. Also, new and creative ideas which are always valued.
The club designs, fabricates and tests a 1:10 scale model bridge which is 20 feet long and is meant to hold 2500 lbs. or more. This club is able to go to competitions in the spring to show the American Institute of Steel Construction, AISC, what they have and what the AISC might want to consider in adding to their bridge constructions in America.
With COVID-19, the competitions last year were canceled. However, that did not stop the Steel Bridge Team this year from attending the regional competition. Since they and other schools had a build of a bridge prior to COVID-19 and were not able to use it last year, UW-Platteville and other schools could use the same bridge design from last year. With being COVID-safe comes some difficulties such as the competition being held virtual.
“The Team,” according to Eli Trast, a member of the Steel Bridge Team, “had to get a get a judge and send in video and pictures of our bridge to the head judges that run the entire competition.”
Students can get involved in the club by accessing the PioneerLink below and reaching out to any of the co-captains over email. They are also happy to answer any other questions you might have about them. (https://uwplatt.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/steel_bridge_team)