A Quiet Place II: Movie Review


Morgan Fuerstenberg Graphic

A Quiet Place, one of the best movies I have seen in theaters, had a sequel. Not only was the movie great, but it was worth the wait. The first film cost $17 million to make, grossing $350.3 million worldwide. The relevance to the first movie is because, at the time that it came out in 2018, this revenue was typical for a good movie. These revenues, and the cliffhanger ending of the first movie, then warranted a sequel. Its follow-up had a $61 million budget but it encountered an unexpected barrier in the way—COVID-19. When the second movie was expected to be released, it was Apr. 5, 2020. By that time, COVID-19 did its sweep through, closing businesses, and the movie was not released until May 28, 2021. Streaming services offered to rent the movie out for $20 to make up for the lack admission sales. As of Sept. 23, 2021, it is rentable for $6, which is more of a reason to watch!

The panic, fear and anxiety of making too much noise, even while at home, are reminiscent of the watching first film in the theater. The sequel takes place immediately after the first movie, with some flashbacks of when the film’s eyeless monsters first came to Earth. Since the monsters are sound-focused, the movie had heavy bass and moments of fear-inducing silence. This is the only time a movie producer can brag that they made the movie-goers silent. The movie had a great plot, diving into one of the children’s psyche and determination to discover the weakness of the monsters. There are several twists and scares to keep the audience wanting more. This movie made $297 million despite the hurdles on release.