Dr. Faustus Play Review


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From Dec. 1 to Dec. 5, the CFA put on the play “Dr. Faustus” by Christopher Marlowe. 

The show was made more contemporary, leaning on the world of business and philanthropy today. The play was written in Old English, so the audience was constantly paying attention to what was said to make sure they didn’t miss anything important. 

Dr. Faustus believed he was able to elude any consequence, so God and Lucifer teamed up to see what a human would choose: having power, wealth and the ability to conjure or choosing penance and holiness. Of course, Dr. Faustus chooses Lucifer’s deal and the religious figures in the play toy and watch Dr. Faustus’ decisions slowly tear him down. 

In an interview with Dr. Ann Farrelly, she stated, “It’s always a challenge with a Renaissance piece and verse. We had about five weeks. It was good! It was a lot to get in, but we did it!” The play was chosen because it’s a famous play and the CFA had an idea on how to do a contemporary spin on it. Farrelly mentioned, “Opening night went well! The cast for Dr. Faustus was 21 people, so we had more people to manage compared to ‘A Lie of The Mind.’”

Christopher Marlowe is a mystery. “He died at the age of 29 in a bar. He was stabbed. There was a myth that he and Shakespeare were the same person, but that isn’t true. I tell people to look him up! He’s very interesting,” said Farrelly.

Katie Dionne, cast as God and Wagner, Dr. Faustus’ assistant, was asked how opening night went. “I think it went really well! A lot of energy, two shows, so we are back in it. I think we had a lot of great energy and we banded together to have a great time.”

Dionne explained the hardest part of the play was changing between the two characters. Running backstage and changing outfits entirely was something of a challenge, but she was able to pull it off every time. 

The CFA did a fantastic job memorizing those tricky Old English lines and had an amazing set built for the show. The next show, “Something Rotten,” is planned for April 1 through April 10 at the CFA Brodbeck Concert Hall. May 5 through May 7 of 2022 is the One-Act Festival in the CFA theater.