Euphoria HBO Max Review


Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Warning: Strong topics including domestic abuse, drug abuse and sexual situations are included in the following.

On Jan. 11, HBO Max released season two of Euphoria, starring Zendaya. The season finale was streamed on Feb. 27 in an eight-episode season. 

Season one ended as Jules (Hunter Schafer) and Rue (Zendaya) decided to leave town after their prom night. As they reached the train station, Rue panicked and begged Jules to stay, as she second-guessed her idea to leave town. Jules boarded the train and left Rue alone at the train station. Heartbroken, Rue ran back home and relapsed in her room.

The toxic relationship in the show between Nate (Jacob Elordi) and Maddy (Alexa Demie) exploded and brought awareness to domestic abuse and manipulation in relationships. The show does not give warnings to this sensitive topic. At times, it became hard to watch the relationship worsen as the show progressed. 

Self-image and love are other topics mentioned in the season. Some characters are placed in love triangles that get messy. Other characters reflect on their own self-image and question their own identity. 

Rue is still at constant odds with herself and her family. She is addicted to drugs again and constantly puts herself in terrible situations. Her mother and sister are suffering due to Rue’s actions and are running out of hope. 

The characters begin to show their true identities in this season. The viewers get to understand the characters’ histories as well as their intentions towards each other. In some instances, the intentions are unfathomable and make the show unrealistic.

Euphoria season two at times is outrageous. Viewers must constantly remind themselves that these are high school students because of the dramatic adult situations they are living through. It is hard to relate to at times, but the underlying topics and actor performances are what make the show gripping and heavy to the viewers. 

Rating: 4.5/5