Netflix Bad Vegan Review photo

Netflix released a new crime documentary that is currently on the top ten list. “Bad Vegan” is a twisted story about manipulation and fraud in a four-part episode limited series.

Sarma Melngailis is a famous businesswoman and chef who opened her own restaurant in New York which featured vegan food that was popular among celebrities. However, she was not doing her best because she was alone and struggling to find a partner.

Later, Melngailis met Shane Fox through a mutual friend and they would exchange text messages, tweets and even chat through online games. Shortly afterwards, Fox was introduced to Melngailis’ staff in her restaurant. With her staff suspicious of their boss’ new boyfriend, they dove into his history to find out that Fox’s real name was Anthony Strangis, an ex-con.

After promises of the ideal life and making her dog immortal, Melngailis is found in a mountain of debt and constantly “wiring” money to her now-husband Strangis. Strangis and Melngailis took funds from “their” employees at the restaurant, which caused the staff to quit and begin to protest in hopes of getting their money back. The story was picked up by multiple news outlets because of the so-called “trendy” restaurant’s fraudulent behavior.

From there, the viewer is led by personal accounts from Melngailis’ staff members and other family members. The story is told in a fluid way that makes it easy to understand, and with each episode, it becomes more twisted. This story is famous due to the popular restaurant and the bizarre nature of the crime committed. “Bad Vegan” is for crime-mystery buffs that enjoy deeper looks into famous crimes.

Rated: 8/10