Feb.09.2023 Blurb of the Week


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

“Chasing the Boogeyman” is delectably horrifying and thrilling. Richard Chizmar’s titular main character, himself, returns home after graduating college with his journalism degree. He is making his own horror and thriller themed magazine of creative works, dating his college sweetheart and living in his loving childhood home, but finds himself stuck in the middle of a spooky crime spree. Sudden disappearances of teenage girls under extremely suspicious circumstances inspire rumors that the criminal responsible is a supernatural entity, labeled the Boogeyman by the local newspaper. Chizmar writes well in the gothic style, intertwining realism and fantasy to create a novel akin to true crime. Readers who enjoyed Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” will enjoy the modern, suburbanite “Chasing the Boogeyman.”