May 4. 2023. Blurb of the Week


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

“Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six” is written by Lisa Unger. It is a thriller story that tells the tale of three couples who go on a cabin vacation in order to unplug from their busy lives and spend time together. As Hannah goes through the weekend getaway she feels this creepy presence and it makes her wonder who she can really trust.

The plot gets all jumbled up as it bounces between the couples’ stories and a mysterious guy who is trying to figure out his mother’s history. This can cause the story to be confusing, but it adds more excitement to the plot.

The story starts slowly and is not the creepy thriller at the beginning that you may think. The details are intriguing, guiding the reader into the story. Overall the ending is the best part.

I suggest this story to anyone that likes thrillers and a scary story. It may not be very horrific, but its chilling plot will grab your attention from the first page.