May. 11. Blurb of the Week


Morgan Fuerstenberg graphic

“House of Leaves ” by Mark Z. Danielewski is a complex, intriguing and confusing novel that challenges the reader’s perception of reality. The book is a blend of horror, satire and ergodic literature that presents a multilayered story that explores the themes of obsession, loss and the human psyche.

The book has multiple narrators, including the main protagonist Johnny Truant, who discovers the manuscript of a deceased old man named Zampanò. The manuscript is a critical analysis of a documentary titled “The Navidson Record,” which tells the story of a family’s experience with a seemingly infinite and ever-changing house.

“House of Leaves” is a very difficult read, with a unique and unconventional layout in which the text is shown in different fonts, sizes and colors. The pages contain footnotes, annotations, blank spaces and even text which requires the reader to rearrange the book in order to continue the story.

The book also required a lot of outside research for me to be able to understand it. It contains a seemingly endless number of references to different aspects of literature, art and philosophy.

Overall “House of Leaves” is a rewarding read that pushes the boundaries of storytelling. It is a masterpiece in experimental fiction that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who dares to venture into its pages.