Faculty reports 3 thefts in offices

Three cases of theft struck campus last week, resulting in stolen cash from University of Wisconsin-Platteville faculty.

Two thefts took place Sept. 11 in Gardner and Warner halls, and one theft occurred Sept. 13 in Doudna Hall. All cases resulted in wallets with missing cash.

“Theft is one of our most common crimes,” Chief Scott Marquardt of University Police said. “It is typically unsecured property that is taken, and we see more student victims than faculty victims.”

But this was not the case; the thieves intruded in private faculty space and stole from university faculty. The office doors were left unlocked.

“What I’m asking for is for people to lock-up their things, its something I always tell my residence hall students,” Marquardt said. “It’s hard with the size of my staff to do more than the prevention aspects. I really hope that [faculty] will be a lot more conscious of this.”

Marquardt sent out a staff e-mail Sept. 11 warning UW-Platteville faculty about the incident.

Because of the nature of this ongoing investigation, Marquardt withheld the victims’ names. For updates as the story progresses, visit uwpexponent.org.