UWP joins online carpool system

The University of Wisconsin- Platteville has launched a network for transportation and ridesharing.

Zimride is an online carpool managing system that allows users to post where they are going and when they want to go. The Zimride system will find users with the same or common transportation needs. Zimride can be used anywhere or anytime for setting up regular commutes or just one-time trips.

The Zimride system cost the university $12,000, about $1.50 per student.

Christina Curras, assistant for administrative services, started working on this carpool option last May.  She began the initial launch in June.  Zimride is now up and running with more than 300 users.

Zimride’s social media features attract students to this new online ride-share system rather than the old ride board outside of the Pioneer Haus in the Markee Pioneer Student Center,  Curras said.  Students can link their Zimride account to their Facebook to create a ride that is most comfortable for them.

One sophomore student was unaware of the new service.

“I would totally consider using this system in the future,” said Kayla Mountain, sophomore health promotions major. “It sounds so convenient.  You can access it from anywhere.”

Mountain travels regularly to her hometown in Mankato, Minn.

“Students should always use their best judgment when setting up any sort of ride, but Zimride is limited to users associated with UW-Platteville,” Curras said.

Other University of Wisconsin System schools are the only associated users of University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

After users share a ride, they can review it on the network.

“The reviews of everyone’s rides are what I would value most from this system,” said Faye Demes, sophomore business marketing major. “Reviews are what give me my peace of mind.”

Curras hopes to see students thrive from the benefits of this new Zimride carpool option through new innovative ways to save money and the environment.

“Because Platteville is in a region without many public transportation options, Zimride gives students a way to find ways to other places,” Curras said.

Students with a UW-Platteville e-mail account can join today by visiting the Zimride website at zimride.uwplatt.edu.