Senate, UGC evaluate GAR

The Greek Community has expressed concerns over the Greek Achievement Report to the Student Senate and the United Greek Council.

The achievement report is collected from individuals in the Greek community to judge each chapter’s campus involvement, GPA, community service, and other involvement aspects.  The chapter presidents gather the data and submit it to the Greek Life Office each semester.

Some members of the Greek Community say the report is a hassle, is unnecessary and they have no voice in the process, said Valerie Wetzel, assistant director of the PIC.  Some students also say there is nothing stopping them from being untruthful on the report, so it is not useful data. Other Greeks say they already must meet National and International standards to be seen as an active member, so this form is repetitive.

“Due to the many complaints about the inefficiency of this document, we passed a recommendation to remove the Greek Achievement Report,” said Taylor McGinniss, business manager for the Senate and Pledge Educator for the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

The recommendation for removal of the GAR is still in progress, Miller said.

The achievement report is used to help chapters meet specific Greek Community common standards and follow its vision of enhancing the “quality of life among a diverse student population through the development of social, professional and moral qualities,” according to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Greek Life website.

The achievment report is graded and used as an assesment tool by the Greek Achievement Report Team, made up of UGC executive officers, advisors and administrative liaison.  The chapter president reviews the data with the team and the data is published in the Pioneer Involvement Center Newsletter and other locations online.

“A Greek Achievement Report Team will review each chapter’s data and determine the level of achievement in Scholastics, Civic Outreach, Engagement, Chapter Advancement and Values Congruence,” Student Body Vice President Jordan Miller said.