Campus PD reminds drivers to yield for pedestrians in crosswalk

On November 8, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Update Notice sent a campus wide e-mail informing students and staff of the ramifications for drivers not allowing pedestrians in crosswalks the right-of-way.
The penalty for violators will be a fine of $232 and a deduction of four points from the violator’s license.
In the e-mail, University Police Chief Scott Marquardt said the increased foot traffic of students going to and from Rountree Commons was a cause of concern for citizens and law enforcement.
“The biggest reason for the e-mail was the observations by students, staff, neighbors and police on Southwest and Markee Ave.,” Marquardt said.  “Traffic on Southwest Road has always gone a bit fast.  That combination of fast traffic and a new pedestrian crossing (for students in Rountree Commons) has the making of a serious accident unless something is done to change drivers’ behaviors.”
The statute says that at any crosswalk not controlled by an officer or a traffic signal, a driver must yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian, bicyclist or any person using an electric assistive mobility device.
However, the statue also says any of those listed above cannot enter traffic in a rushed manner nor enter traffic when it would be difficult for a driver to react and stop.
There has been no change in this statute or in the amount of the fines; the e-mail was purely meant as a way to raise attention to a concern.
“The city and the university police just wanted to let folks know what the fine was and that tickets would be written for violations,” Marquardt said.  “We are honestly hoping that we won’t have to cite anyone because folks are now slowing down and are stopping for pedestrians.