Bridgeway Commons to be completed Fall 2013

The Department of Residence Life at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville gave students living on campus the opportunity to both submit suggestions and vote for the official name of the new residence hall that is scheduled to be complete for Fall 2013.  The winning name was Bridgeway Commons.

An official voting notification and name list was sent to all on-campus students via email.  Approximately 650 students voted, which accounts for nearly 20 percent of the on-campus population. Of those votes, 190 went to Bridgeway Commons.  Some of the other possible names included Riverview Plaza, Prospect Hall and Pioneer Plaza.

“We wanted the students’ input,” said Jen Artz, department of residence life administrative services coordinator. “We devised this contest so that they would be involved in the naming.  This is, in fact, their building.”

Bridgeway Commons will have a layout similar to that of a traditional hall with a mix of the types of amenities provided at Southwest and Rountree Commons.  It will include suite-style rooms, kitchenettes, meeting rooms and a sound buffer hallway.

Each floor will have its own color scheme and the entire hall will consist of a retro contemporary style said Matt Zielinski, housing operations coordinator.

Each suite houses four roommates with two people per room.  The two rooms are connected by a full bathroom.  Other amenities found throughout the hall include laundry rooms on every floor, recreation rooms, fire places and a Jamba Juice.

“We are excited to add something new to campus,” Zielinski said.  “Adding amazing amounts of new features for students is part of our department’s mission.”

In addition to the construction of this new hall, the plan has been set forth to relocate the campus’ main dining facility to the ground level of Bridgeway Commons.  Plans have not been finalized for the location where Platters currently is.

“That space could possibly be used for a Student Center-West,” Zielinski said.  “With these new plans, we like to establish to students considering Bridgeway Commons, the convenience of eating where you live.”

Alisha Slowey, current resident director of Brockert Hall, is set to be the resident director at Bridgeway Commons for 2013-14 academic year.  She praises the development of Bridgeway Commons and the opportunity for community building that comes with it.

“I am really excited,” Slowey said.  “It will be bittersweet to leave Brockert, but I could not be more excited to help develop a new community and a healthy living learning environment.”