Regalia allowed for 2013 graduation

On Feb. 13 Student Senate passed a new policy allowing the display of regalia items for the May 2013 University of Wisconsin – Platteville graduation ceremonies.
“We came to the conclusion that commencement should be a celebration and that students should be able to display their accomplishments and affiliations while at commencement,” Student Senate president William Kuehni said.
Students who wish to wear regalia must be part of a registered student organization, honor organization or campus program in good standing with the Pioneer Involvement Center. An application form also needs to be electronically submitted to Student Affairs at least 30 days before graduation for approval.
On the application, students must attach or have a written description of the stole, sash, cord or pin they want approved. They will also need to describe the purpose or mission of the honor or student organization or campus program, and why it is important for this regalia item to be worn by the members.
Regalia items may include one stole or sash and an unlimited amount of cords or pins. Pins must be attached to either the stole or commencement gown. Cords must not be a gold color, as those are reserved for the GPA based honors of Summa Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude.
Individuals who are not part of an organization or campus program may request permission from the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs to wear a regalia item at least 30 days before graduation ceremony.
A regalia review committee will meet within 30 days before graduation to review the submitted application forms. The results of the applications will be emailed to the contact people, and approved items will be posted on the Student Affairs website.
“Once the regalia is on file, the organization doesn’t have to renew the form unless what they wish to wear changes,” Kuehni said.
Student Governance has not applied to wear any regalia yet, but Kuehni said he will be happy to see other students wearing regalia while celebrating their graduation and their time at University of Wisconsin-Platteville.
The Regalia Review Committee consists of the Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs, a member of the Commencement Committee, a member of the Pioneer Involvement Center staff, and a member of Student Senate.“It seemed like a good project for me to support; commencement should be celebrated,” Joanne Wilson, Interim Assistant Chancellor for Student Affairs, said.
The office of Student Affairs has yet to receive an application, but Wilson said she believes it will get busy around April 1.
Student Senate member and graduating senior Josh Dryak, said he believes that this policy is needed because there should not be restrictions on what people wear at graduation.
Maggie Rick, a member of the Zeta Beta Chi sorority, said she believes this policy will mean a great deal to students and will allow members of Greek organizations a final opportunity to display their Greek affiliation.
The Pioneer Involvement Center is collaborating with the Division of Student Affairs to get the regalia application form and the policy onto Pioneer Link for all students to have access to it. Until then, students can contact Student Affairs for a digital copy of the regalia application form and policy.