UUCC to modify course policy for undergraduates

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s University Undergraduate Curriculum Commission reviews courses to change the policy on general education curriculum.
The UUCC policy would change the current writing emphasis requirements for general education from only Composition I and II to an additional six credits in classes that feature a writing emphasis. The policy also changes other requirements, such as lowering the number of science credits needed.
General education director Dr. Shane Drefcinski said there are many reasons for the change, but building students writing skills is paramount.
“Writing is a skill a student will lose if they do not use it,” Drefcinski said. “It would be great if the writing skills students develop in composition classes could be built upon throughout their college careers.”
This change requires a review of all current general education requirements by the UUCC. According to the UUCC’s General Education Course Review, instructors should help with the review and chairs, directors and department heads should coordinate review submissions as opposed to handling submissions themselves.
The change in general education curriculum will not affect students currently enrolled. The change will go into effect for the 2014-15 academic year.