Field House expansion possible

A student vote between April 17-19 could lead to an expansion of Williams Field House.

Students will get to vote either yes or no on two different expansions that will allow more space for groups and students to do their activities.  The first possibility includes four new indoor recreational courts, expansion to the fitness center, and an outdoor turf field addition with field lighting.  The second expansion would include an aquatic center with a new pool facility, two new indoor pools, locker rooms and offices.

The first addition will allow for more flexibility between sports teams, intramural teams and personal use of the gym and court areas.

“There’s not enough space for the groups who want to use [these areas],” William Kuehni, Student Body President and Student Senate President, said in reference to the current setup.  “[The expansion] will allow students to have that recreational space so they have something to do while on campus.”

With the second proposed addition, the new aquatics center would allow the school to have a swim or dive team.  The addition of a second pool would provide more opportunity for classes and swimming time in general.

However, the additions do not come without cost.  The first addition, if approved, will come out of segregated fees paid by the students and is estimated to cost $92 per student per semester.  The second expansion, which will also come out of segregated fees, is estimated to cost $126 per student per semester.  The increase in fees will begin when construction starts.

According to Kuehni, as the student population increases, these expansions will become more useful because it is designed to accommodate a student population of 8,000-9,000 students.

The projected timeline, or the “best-fit process,” has construction beginning in April of 2014 and the facility opening in May of 2018.

Kuehni said, at the very least, “The courts need to happen.”

Students can vote online on the dates listed above by going to and logging in with their University of Wisconsin-Platteville user ID.