Website has new homepage, landing pages

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville unveiled a new homepage and 11 new landing pages for the new campus website on April 19.

The process for the redesign and reconstruction began in August with a 14-member campus committee. The committee took on more than 90,000 pages on the UW-Platteville website.

The new graphic design is based on the University’s style guide and has the official seal and word mark recognized by UW-Platteville. The design has landing pages which include promotional links and audience links.

In addition to these links, there is also a drop-down “Shortcuts” menu that will be available on each page to navigate users to popular resources used by majority of the website’s users. Some of the resources include e-mail, D2L, PASS, library, transportation, transcripts and graduation.

“The site is crisper, and the focus of the audience is more adaptable to the new design,” Robert Cramer, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services, said.

The new website uses a modern content management system that allows the University to rapidly deliver new applications like photo galleries, the new online phone book, calendars, blogs and featured stories.

The new CMS is also able to provide web forms such as polls, elections, feedback and other miscellaneous forms. The University’s administrative staff will be able to create their own web forms as well.

“The content management system allows publishing and editing by the administrative staff of each department, so they are in charge of their own pages on the website,” John Vieth, Web Developer of Office of Information Technology, said. “(The) web development staff are also happy to assist anyone who needs help creating their pages for the website if necessary.”

The process the committee is using is three-phased. Phase one involved the testing and launching of pilot programs. Phase two included the home and landing pages. Phase three will include the remainder of the university sites.

“We had mostly positive feedback, and we are listening to the constructive criticism to improve the site,” Paul Erickson, Director and Public Information Officer, said.

Cramer, Erickson and Vieth agree that the teamwork was remarkable and everyone involved put in a lot of time and effort in order to complete the project. The team said it is hoping to have the whole website completed by this fall