Musicians, poets, comedians perform at Open Mic Night


Regina Neenan

Joe Nordin, left, junior biology major, and Luke Wedesky, junior animal science major, performed with their guitars during Open Mic Night Oct. 16.

pen Mic Night usually attracts musical acts.


However, there were a greater variety of performances in the Pioneer Haus at the Markee Pioneer Student Center Oct. 16.


“I’ve been to Open Mic Night a few times before to see a friend perform, and going made me realize that we have a lot of talent here at UW-Platteville,” Erikajo Johnson, sophomore biology major, said.


“I think it’s a really great way to see the talent that’s on our campus,” audience member Ashley Kreuser, sophomore animal science major, said.


Seating was limited, though students resorted to bringing in chairs from nearby rooms in order to see their peers perform.


The night kicked off with Bruce Ozark, who performed a comedy skit.


Ozark, sophomore electrical engineering major, used puns to entertain the crowd.


Later in the show, Nathan Hataj and Jessie Guiselman from “Every Second Counts” did a musical performance, along with Jake Ramos.


“We had a huge turnout and they were a great crowd, overall,” Casey Riley, a CPR event producer, said. “The musicians were on point, the comedians were funny and the poems were deep.”


Masees Mesdjian, senior industrial engineering major and CPR worker, said people should not be nervous to perform at Open Mic Night.


“The crowd here is really accepting and open to all sorts of acts,” Mesdijian said.