DeltaFest raises money for Veteran’s Honor Roll

Mathea Durica, Local Features Editor

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The University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Delta Sigma Phi fraternity partnered with Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol on April 25 in order to host a charity band festival called DeltaFest.

The goal for this event was to raise money for the Veteran’s Honor Roll, where the proceeds will fund the maintenance of the new Veteran’s Memorial in City Park in Platteville.

In the past, DeltaFest was usually held on Delta Sigma Phi’s street, but it was moved to the Pioneer Crossing this year.

The event held a wide variety of activities, such as a 50/50 raffle, lawn games and the National Guard Rock Wall.

Activities, such as the distance throw, offered gift cards as prizes to the winners.

Senior industrial technology management major Brock Reeson took full advantage of all the activities and enjoyed a selection of food.

“I’m so happy that I’m able to help fund such a great cause just by attending and buying brats and hotdogs.” Reeson said.

Reeson also had the opportunity to relax and enjoy live music from eight bands that performed during the evening.

Senior animal science major Rick Gorke was ecstatic to find the opportunity to implement his rock climbing skills at the event.

Gorke set a personal record of reaching the top in under 20 seconds.

“I’d like to thank my friends and family for supporting me in my journey to the top, [along with] Delta Sig for putting on this awesome event,” Gorke said.

Senior industrial technology management major Sam Gathof and senior fine arts major Rachel Bekele consisted of one of the eight bands that performed that evening.

Gathof and Bekele are a vocalist group, but they also have individual talents; Gathof plays the piano and Bekele plays the ukulele.

They performed covers of well-known songs, such as “Royals,” “Heartless” and “Wicked Ways.”

Both performers were very excited to present their talents and assist with the event.

“This was a great experience and opportunity for not only us but also the students at UW-Platteville,” Gathof and Bekele said.

Delta Sigma Phi members were very pleased with the overall event.

Delta Sigma Phi’s Secretary and Philanthropy Chair Andy Hayes was one of the key members in setting up the event.

“I’m really pleased with how great everything is going, but I wish we had a bigger turnout,” senior chemistry major Hayes said. “Having the event on our street allows us to have more freedom, but when we bring it to campus, we get more exposure to the students and campus.”

DeltaFest will be returning next year, and Delta Sigma Phi hopes to collaborate with more fraternities and sororities at the university.

Delta Sigma Phi would like to thank everyone who attended DeltaFest and supported the Veteran’s Honor Roll.

The fraternity would also like to thank their sponsors who supplied prizes for the events, as well as GAMMA for donating a stage for the bands to perform.

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