New Businesses Open on Main Street

Julie’s Da Vine Wine & Stein

Julie's Da Vine Wine & Stein

Owner: Julie Loeffelholz

Opened: End of July

Specialties: Wine, Beer and Antiques

Price Range:  Antiques/ Collectibles: $0.50 – $900

Wine and Beer: $12 – $20

Description: Contains Antiques, collectibles, wine, beer and cheese dips.

Inspiration: “I wanted to make a store that was an eclectic mix of the things that I love. I love craft beers. I love wine, and I wanted to be sure that anyone who came into the store could find something that they love,”Loeffelholz said.

Aspirations: Loeffelholz hopes to eventually start a wine bar in her store.

Future plans: A wine and beer tasting will start in the store on Nov. 15. Loeffelholz hopes to add cigars, cold beer, local cheeses and bakery items.

UW-Platteville: “I love having the students here. I teach industrial safety at the university. I love the excitement and vibrancy that the students bring to the city of Platteville,” Loeffelholz said. “I am poised for the students.”

Dear Orleans

Dear Orleans

Owner: Don Franklin

Opened: July 1

Price range: $14.99 and under

Specialties: “It’s hard to pick a favorite,” Franklin said. These are some of the dishes he most enjoys cooking and serving to his guests: Blackened Salmon (Don served this one to a man who actually licked the plate), Blackened Catfish, Fried Alligator, Grilled Shrimp Pasta (a popular menu item, according to Don), gumbo and jambalaya.

Inspiration: New Orleans.

“I want to share my experiences with my fiancée Amanda and the world. So my restaurant is called ‘Dear Orleans,’ like a love letter,” Franklin said.

Aspirations: Franklin hopes to expand to Dubuque then Galena.

“I want to take my experiences and allow Platteville to experience those things that I’ve learned. I want to make my mark in Platteville,” Franklin said.

UW-Platteville: “For students, it’s been ordinary. I want them to experience something new, a place to bring their family that they can brag about. It’s the only creole Cajun restaurant around, and I want people to come here to enjoy themselves,” Franklin said.

Gabby’s Gyros & Sweets

Gabby's Gyros & Sweets


Owner: Linda McCormick

Opened: Oct. 11

Specialties: Gyros, corned beef and candy

Price range: $1 – $6.99

Description: A restaurant with Chicago-style hotdogs, gyros, sweets and much more that offers low prices aimed at a college student’s budget.

Inspiration: “My kids have been here for years and they missed their gyros and Chicago-style hotdogs.” McCormick said. “So [my son] found some spaces available, and I formed a business plan with one of the professors at the university.”

UW-Platteville: “A college town is a more intimate setting. You know your customers, so you know how to prepare for them.”

12 Baskets

12 Baskets

Owner: Danni Stephens

Opened: July 1

Specialty: Slightly damaged or outdated non-perishable groceries

Price range: $0.10 – $20

Description:  Groceries that have imperfections or are past the sell by date (but do not go bad), sold at a discounted price.

Inspiration: “I have been shopping at stores like this since I was a baby,” Stephens said. “We are focusing on groceries because I feel that is the need we have in town. We want to help people stretch their grocery budget a little bit.”

UW-Platteville: “Our location is perfect [for the students].  They can get low priced snacks and groceries.”

Photos by Jeremy Williamson