Pickard Hall Fright Fest features “Superheroes Gone Bad”

It was Thursday evening, chilly and dark. Students from around campus waited anxiously in line. Hearing the screams of their fellow students, the excitement rose as their turn came closer to experiencing Fright Fest. 

One hundred forty participants celebrated the 30th annual Pickard Hall Fright Fest on Oct. 30.

According to Dan Foley, Resident Director of Pickard Hall, Fright Fest started as an indoor haunted hall program. Seven years ago Jen Arnts, the RD at the time, made the decision to move this event outside where it was then branded as Fright Fest.

This year’s theme was “Superheroes Gone Bad.” The trail was split into four sections. The first was “Hulk and SHIELD,” the next was “Joker’s Fun House” followed by “Venom” and the trail ended with “Superman Gone Bad.” During the trail each group was lead by one to two tour guides who introduced each scene to the participants.

According to Hannah Shuler, Senior Assistant of Pickard Hall, Fright Fest is a haunted trail put on by Pickard RA’s and residents. Each wing picks their theme for their part of the trail. which contributes to the overall theme.

According to Chris Patterson, a Pickard Hall RA, this event was a group effort although the hall was split into groups and each works on their part of the trail.

Helping to construct the final scene of the trail, Patterson and other residents of Pickard came up with the idea of “Superman Gone Bad.”

With this being Shuler’s first year as Pickard’s SA, she said that she felt as prepared as possible for Fright Fest. 

“I looked into it before I got the position as an SA,” Schuler said. “I felt like I was really prepared.  I know it came up really quick after homecoming so it was a quick turn around for our staff, but I tried to keep encouraging them the best I could to make this event work.”

Second year Pickard resident and sophomore criminal justice major Megan Freitag compared this year to last year’s Fright Fest. 

“I was more involved in Fright Fest this year so I enjoyed it because it shows a lot of the work that goes into it,” Frietag said. “It is mostly a freshman community so I just love the dynamic and everyone is willing to help and jump in.” 

Schuler and Foley greeted people as they walked in. Students were charged a $3 at the door.  All funds were donated to the Grant County Habitat for Humanity.

“I am hoping they see how helpful it is to give back but how much fun it can be as well,” Schuler said.

For students who were not interested in going through the haunted trail, Pickard Hall offered an alternative option of watching a movie accompanied with caramel apples and apple cider.

“Who can say no to caramel apples?” Schuler said.

There was a positive response from the students who did participate in the trail.

Being a fan of haunted trails, Mitch Bernarde, freshman mechanical engineering major, was excited about the event as it was centered around superheroes.

“I heard that they had one over here and it was about two minutes in walking distance so I really got excited,” Bernarde said. “It is fun because you know nothing is actually going to happen to you but it is always good to have that little fright during Halloween.”

“It is just a great event and I hope they do it next year,” Bernarde said.