Global Exploration LLC offers travel free study abroad experience

There is a way to experience studying abroad without leaving Platteville. The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has several Living and Learning Communities that are targeted toward different aspects of students’ lives. There is one that is solely dedicated to learning about different countries and cultures.
The Global Exploration LLC allows students to experience the foods and different ethnicities of the world and gives them a taste of what studying abroad is like.
“It is centered around global issues and global things and culture,” said Melissa Beagle, Interim Program Coordinator for Education Abroad/Program Coordinator for the Global Exploration LLC.
Unlike most LLC organizations, the Global Exploration LLC does not require a specific major. However, students must be freshmen or new transfer students, live in the Global Exploration LLC wing in Dobson Hall, and pay a deposit of $100.
Along with those basic requirements, students in the Global Exploration LLC also have to take a core class in the fall semester; this year, that core class was International Relations, taught by Professor Travis Nelson. Nelson also serves as the faculty liaison for the LLC.
When asked to describe the Global Exploration LLC, Nelson used the words “yak cheese.” Nelson explained the significance of yak cheese as it being a hard gum like Nepalese cheese the Global Exploration LLC staff and students tried.
Rebecca Groves and Ellary Nemetz help run the Global Exploration LLC.