Web Exclusive: Shields visits residence halls

This academic year, Chancellor Dennis Shields has been taking the time to meet with each of the residence halls. He currently has four residence halls left to visit.  By attending the meetings, students are given the opportunity to ask the chancellor questions or voice concerns in a more relaxed and informal environment.  “We canceled Hall Council [that night] in hopes that more people would show,” Liz Cunningham, a senior early childhood and elementary education major and a resident assistant in Rountree Commons, said.  In previous meetings, Shields addressed a number of topics including; budget cuts, security cameras, and outdoor lighting. When faced with questions he could not fully answer, Shields gave the group additional sources and resources.  “As gruesome as the budget picture is, we’re in better shape than many of our sister institutions,” Shields said. “I know that he [Shields] can’t really do a lot, especially while he has so many other things going on right now and so much is up in the air that won’t be decided until later,” Megan Kubatzke, a sophomore reclamation major, said. “The fact that he said I could email him was very personable though.” A reoccurring topic from the meetings was parking. Although Shields is aware of the situation, he believes the academic program has a bigger priority over parking. “Overtime, I suspect there will be a bit more parking, but not a lot,” Shields said. Students with issues or concerns are encouraged to attend the next available meetings. The meetings are open to everyone and are not limited to the hall’s residents. Shields will be visiting Bridgeway Commons on Monday, Feb. 23 and Southwest Hall, Wednesday, Feb. 25. The following week, he will visit Pickard Hall on Tuesday, March 3 and his final visit will be at Huginin Hall on Tuesday, March 10. All of the meetings take place at 7 p.m.