Alchemy Wellness community art gallery open Feb. 28

Karlie Winchester, [email protected]

Alchemy Wellness will be hosting an open house to show off their vamped up business Saturday, Feb. 28.

All are welcome to partake in free chair massages, card readings, hand scrubs, and wellness tips along with the chance to win prizes from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.  One of the main events is a gallery exhibit featuring artwork from various artists in the area.

The Art of Wellness Gallery Exhibit gives students and community members an opportunity to share their artwork and also define their personal meaning of wellness.

“Wellness doesn’t look like one thing to everybody. We have a lot of options here so that people can find what their version of wellness looks like and how they can get there and continue on there,” Hannah Adams, a licensed massage therapist at Alchemy Wellness said.

Alchemy Wellness is a cooperative where the practitioners run their own business but share the space and operate collectively as a whole. Together, they offer different services including messages, spa treatments, reiki, fitness classes and more.

“I feel like a huge part of wellness is having a drive or a passion in life,” said Laura Grotjan, a recent UW-Platteville graduate who majored in Fine Arts. Grotjan will be displaying three paintings that focus on people performing tasks they enjoy which incorporates her personal idea of wellness.

Another artist, Laronda Smith, is displaying two pieces of artwork in the Art of Wellness Gallery Exhibit using acrylics as her medium of choice. “The way I view wellness is that it’s whatever makes you feel good,” said Smith. “For me that’s art, music and nature and that’s what I focused on in the pieces that I submitted.”

During the event, attendees will be able to vote for their two favorite pieces of art. The two artists with the most votes will win the Art of Wellness Award as well as a special prize courtesy of Alchemy Wellness.

More information regarding the event, as well as special offers and student discounts can be found at