Student teams compete in ‘Minute to Win it’

udents had temper tantrums and junk in their trunks during Friday Night Club (FNC)’s ‘Minute to Win It.’
Minute to Win It is a competition where teams of students have a minute to win a challenge, an event that took place on Feb. 27. The team with the most challenge wins the competition. Approximately 11 teams, made up of 50 students, came for the competition in Pickard Hall.
The groups were able to pick team names. Finger Puppet Mafia, Asian Persuasion, Penguin (Black Tie), Piplup, The Ducklings, Victorian Secret and Keeping It Classy were some of the names chosen.
Earlier last week, Campus Relations and Programming also hosted a Minute to Win It event but that did not discourage FNC from hosting it as well.
“We thought having both on the same week was okay. It gave students the opportunity to practice at CPR’s Minute to Win It,” Hannah Shuler, senior business administration major said.
FNC’s Minute to Win It featured very difficult challenges for the players to complete. Among those challenges, the most popular was Face the Cookie. Contestants had to put a cookie on top of their forehead and move the cookie into their mouth without using their hands.
Along with Face the Cookie, there was also Ready Spaghetti, Temper Tantrum, Wet Ball, Junk-in-the-Trunk, Stick to It and Elephant March. Ready Spaghetti and Temper Tantrum were challenges that students found most difficult.
In Ready Spaghetti, players had to move three soda cans across a line to make a pyramid. The catch was that there was only one way to move the soda cans: two players had to put a spaghetti noodle in the hole of the soda tab while moving the can with the noodle in their mouths and without breaking the spaghetti noodle.
“Ready Spaghetti was very flimsy,” Megan Freitag, sophomore criminal justice major said.
Temper Tantrum was equally as difficult. In this game, one player had to lie on their back and had a pedometer attached to their feet. Players had to flail their feet in the air for one minute without touching the floor.
“You get too tired really fast,” Shuler said.
After two hours of one-minute challenges, team Victorian Secret was victorious. The team won bragging rights and recognition on Pickard Hall’s Facebook page.
Along with announcing the winning team, FNC and Pickard Hall also gave individual recognition for the team with the best time in each challenge. One player, Carrie Thompson, freshmen undecided major, won Junk-in-the-Trunk in under four seconds.
In Junk-in-the-Trunk, players had an empty box of tissues with six balls inside them. The box was then strapped to one player’s waist and the player was given  one minute to get all the balls out without using their hands.
“I basically shook that one up!” Thompson said.
FNC’s next event, Java Jams, is March 6 at 9 p.m. in Hugunin Hall.