Police release decision on Sept. 13 Motor Vehicle versus Bicycle case

There will be no criminal charges against Tyler P. Sullivan, 19, the driver of the pick-up truck in the Motor Vehicle versus Bicycle Fatality Accident that occurred on Sept. 13 on Business 151, resulting in the death of James Thomas, 22.

According to the Platteville Police Department’s Oct. 5 news release, Sullivan will be issued the following citations: Speeding in Excess of Posted Limits, Inattentive Driving, Deviation from Designated Lane and Operating with Defective Headlamp.

After the reconstruction of the crime scene, performed by the PPD and the Wisconsin State Patrol, it was determined that, “a lack of adequate lighting and reflective material on the bicycle and bicyclist; speed of the pick-up truck; inattention on the part of both operators; lane positioning by both the pick-up truck and bicycle; and non-functioning driver’s side headlamp on the pick-up truck,” all factored into the accident, according to the PPD police report.

Following a blood test by the State Lab of Hygiene, it was found that alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

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