BREAKING NEWS: Campus shuts down due to security threat


Karlie Winchester

Both campus and city police gathered in front of Ullsvik after campus had been closed down due to the firearm threat.

“Because of a security threat campus is closed for the remainder of the day, Monday March 14.  This is not a test,” Director of University Information and Communications Staff and Public Information Officer Paul Erickson announced today over campus intercoms. Immediately before Erickson’s announcement, University of Wisconsin-Platteville Chancellor Dennis Shields officially closed all campus buildings that were open to the public.

A timeline of the events that occurred during the firearm threat.
Desiree Roe
A timeline of the events that occurred during the firearm threat.

A UW-Platteville student reportedly saw an AK-47 firearm in the restroom stall next to his in a men’s bathroom in Ullsvik Hall. Interim University Police Chief Jason Williams said during a press conference held at 3:30 p.m. that the student reported hearing a clicking noise that he interpreted as the racking of a gun. The student also reported seeing the barrel of an AK-47 rifle. The student then pulled a fire alarm, which resulted in the evacuation of Ullsvik Hall.

Police searched campus buildings looking for the suspect, described as a white male wearing a gray shirt, black pants and black-soled shoes.

No shots were fired, a weapon was not found and no injuries were reported. Shields said during the press conference that no arrests were made and a suspect was not apprehended.

The UW-Platteville campus will reopen on Tuesday March 15. An open forum to discuss the event and campus safety will be held by Shields and Williams at 9 a.m. in Doudna 136. More information can be found in this week’s Exponent, which will be available on Thursday, March 17.

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