Plattecon 2017: The year of the ‘Boss Monster’

Plattecon 2017 took place March 3-6 in Ullsvik Hall and was a roaring success. A staggering number of board games were hosted in Velzy Commons, with video games also being offered in the classrooms downstairs. At one table, a group playing Pathfinder Society reported that they were the most exciting table at the entire convention and that their adventuring group had obtained a “medically altered rubberized goblin whose head could be used to provide illumination” while in-game. Individual players also said that they had been hit by a devastating column of fire but survived because of their heroic teammates. This game and many others like it were scattered all across Velzy Commons, with many requiring complex and interesting pieces and setups.

Meanwhile downstairs, a pair of space simulations called Artemis were being run by two separate teams. While projector screens displayed different diagrams and arrays of information, players frantically transmitted information amongst themselves regarding their virtual spaceships’ resources, weapons and energy supply. Haley Young, senior, graphic design major was among the players. Young described the game as a game created by a small team and that if you like this Star Trek you would like this particular game.

On Saturday evening, a crowd gathered downstairs to play one of Plattecon’s most highly anticipated games: Werewolf. In the hour before the game began, a crowd of more than 50 players gathered to listen to senior art education major Jessica Ellenbecker explained the game’s many rules. Ellenbecker is the president of the Platteville Gaming Association, one of the four campus organizations that hosted the convention. After her explanation, the players enjoyed many hours of complex decision making and gripping terror as they hunted for the werewolves which had invaded their village.

It was the most successful Plattecon ever, with over 400 people attending in the first two days of the three-day convention. Jaime Arreguin, media studies alumni, said that the con was very well organized due to the chain of command.

This year was the year of the “boss monster,” and Velzy Commons was decorated accordingly. As the convention’s main attraction, one lucky winner was given the opportunity to don a dinosaur mask and destroy the cardboard city of Steve-Okyo, which was constructed from cardboard boxes. The winner of the drawing was Matthew Wendricks, freshman, mechanical engineering major. After viciously destroying Steve-Okyo, Wendricks was asked for his thoughts during the carnage and replied “I’m gonna break a box.”

Proceeds from the convention mainly go toward supplying materials for next year’s convention, including an assortment of kids’ games to make the convention more family friendly.