Mineral Street to shut down on Mudfest weekend


On Saturday, April 1 the city of Platteville is hosting the 22nd annual Mudfest. This year, part of Mineral Street is going to be blocked off for a band, after approval from city council on March 28. This marks the first year that a street will be blocked off for this event.

“They wanted to block off part of the street for a band that was playing Saturday. If it is approved, the residents of that house would have to coordinate with us for the barricades,” the Platteville Police Department said in an interview.

Mudfest is a yearly rugby tournament held by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s Men and Women’s rugby teams. The tournament begins at 8 a.m. and will last until 4 p.m. The tournament will be free to watch for anyone who is interested in attending.

“As a rugby player, the best part about Mudfest is getting to play against our alumni.  They embody what it means to play hard hitting, Platteville-style rugby.  I’ve played alongside a lot of them, and as much as I love them as brothers, I’m excited to show them up with the new group of ruggers who have been working hard all year,” senior professional writing major Matt Mutiva said.

After the event, there will be a live band on Mineral Street if approved and many other festivities. One of the conditions of having the street blocked off is that anyone over the age of 21 will have to wear a wristband proving that they are of legal age to consume alcohol.

“It works the same way for Dairy Days they have to get approved through city council as well,” Platteville PD said.

Mudfest isn’t the only known festivity that has to go through city council for permission to close down a street as Dairy Days also must receive permission for their yearly Dairy Days Parade.

Mudfest has become known as a giant party and day full of drinking, but it’s significance is much more than that.

“Mudfest has always been a big day for the students and alumni of Platteville.  Myself and a couple of my friends got the idea of throwing a large-scale block party to bring everyone at the school closer by bringing in a local band that consists of mostly football players,” senior business administration major Colin Griffin said. “I want Platteville to get on the map with ‘Mineral’.  It has to do with the pioneers and it will bring in others from all over the state to expereience  how fun our school is and to get a glimpse at our town. I’m hoping to come back years from now and to see ‘Mineral’ still happening but in an even larger scale.The whole point isn’t to get crazy drunk, but to celebrate our school and show the world how fun Platteville really is. The city and police department are in full cooperation with us hosting this event and it will be the start of a new tradition.”