‘Scott & Chris’ impress at Haus of Music


Submitted photo

Scott and Chris playing together in Nashvillew in 2015.


The Pioneer Haus is a popular place for students to get dinner on campus. Campus Programming and Relations takes advantage of this fact by holding two to three live events at Pioneer Haus each semester. This past Tuesday, CPR had two cover musicians who live in Nashville come and play at the event.

Scott and Chris play different instruments from guitar, to fiddle, to cello. Each song was filled with different instruments so no two songs were the same.

“I really liked how I was able to sit and eat my food while also being able to listen to music,” freshman criminal justice major Aryn Wilson said. “Normally the Haus is packed with people wanting to watch whatever game is on that night and while those are really fun too, I think this was a great change in pace and I will definitely come back for another Haus of Music in the future.”

One song that was popular with the crowd was their rendition of “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan. They also played the “Monster Mash” in spirit of Halloween.

“I started [playing music] when I was seven, I just like had a bunch of really old friends that played instruments and I like told my parents one day ‘I want to play fiddle,’” Chris Housman said. “They didn’t believe me and thought I’d do it for just like a day but I was like, ‘fine, I’ll just ask Santa for a fiddle when Christmas comes,’ and I got a fiddle from Santa and just picked it up and was obsessed with it and it snowballed from there.”

The way in which the duo met is unsual. Housman, a Kansas native, was living in Nashville when Scott Holt, who is originally from Chicago moved there. Housman posted an ad on Craigslist looking for other musicians in the area to collaborate with. Holt answered the ad and they met up. The pair have been working together ever since.

“I was in Chicago looking to meet people in Nashville,” said Holt. “I found his post looking for people to collaborate with and we met up and neither of us were like Craigslist killers and we had chemistry.”