State of the university

“We are in good shape, but have challenges in front of us,” Chancellor Shields said on Monday’s State of the University address. At the forum, Chancellor Shields discussed three major topics: the new foundational initiative with measurable goals, the collaboration integration with UW-Richland and UW-Baraboo/Sauk Count, and the budget.

Chancellor Shields talked about the campus climate and the new initiative “Pioneers Unite.”

“We want this campus to be safe and everyone to be included,” Chancellor Shields said.

Chancellor Shields briefly discussed the collaboration integration with UW-Richland and UW-Baraboo/Sauk County. There have been both committee meeting and an internal search for campus administrators for the integration that is currently under way.

The Steering Committees include all three campuses and will handle issues including structure, finance and administration.

Chancellor Shields also discussed the budget for 2017-2018. He noted that most of the universities funding comes directly from student tuition. The budget is allocated as follows:  $60 million from tuition, $48 million from auxiliary services and $54 million for federal support.

“We are essentially an enrollment driven institution,” Chancellor Shields said.

We are currently, as an institution, looking to develop more corporate relations.