In Memory: Chase Galle

Recent alumni Chase Galle passed away Saturday, Feb. 3, after suffering serious injuries in a car crash in Vernon County. According to the Fond du Lac Reporter, Galle was returning to his home in Platteville after National Guard duty. He had been in the National Guard since December of 2015. Galle graduated from UW-Platteville in May 2017 and received a degree in Criminal Justice, graduating summa cum laude.

“He was just a really kind guy,” alumni Hope Finch said. “[He] always smiled if you were having a bad day.”

Finch had also graduated with Galle in May 2017, and they both graduated together from Waupun High School in 2013.

Galle was a lover of parkour and ballroom dancing.

“It’s been said that Chase is the best example of ‘dance as if no one is watching’,” junior engineering physics major Emma Dums said. “I think that captures him more than most words can. He had this amazing way of making happiness contagious that will be missed by everyone who was lucky enough to have known him.”

Galle had many friends from different backgrounds. He met senior industrial engineering major Anna Rinaldo at belly dance club practice here on campus.

“I immediately loved his energy,” Rinaldo said. “He wasn’t afraid to try something new, especially dance wise, and I loved that. Not many men our age have that kind of curiosity and bravery.”

One thing Rinaldo wants people to know about Galle was that he was a very positive and energetic person. He was the kind of person that if you needed help, he would never say no. He wasn’t afraid to care for and love his friends.

“He was truly an angel on earth,” Rinaldo said. “I will miss him so much and I know so many other people will miss him too. The world lost a great man and it’s a shame. May he rest in peace and watch over us.”

The Exponent staff offers their sincerest condolences to Galle’s family and friends during this difficult time.