Student senate updates

UW-Platteville student senate met in the Markee-Pioneer Student Center to discuss several pressing matters concerning the well-being of students and policy changes within the senate itself.

The first problem discussed was a Bee and Bird problem reported outside of Engineering Hall.  The problem involved reports of beehives and bird nests on and around the hall, causing strife to unwary students and staff walking near the infestations.  The senate decided to look into hiring an exterminator to help with one or both of the problems.

Next, the senate discussed the potential renumbering of Ottensman Hall, as a number of students and staff have criticized the numbering system’s apparent disorder.  The senate then briefly discussed the problems they would face with renumbering the building, like fire codes, and tabled the discussion until more information could be gathered concerning obstacles.

The senate then discussed reports from Student Health Services of an unusually high amount of chlamydia cases at the University.  The senate made note to remind students to practice safe sex habits before continuing on to the next topic.

Guests and senators were then given the floor to discuss events coming up on campus.  CPR announced a Stand Up Saturday with Mike Paramore on March 17 at 8 p.m. in the MPSC, as well as a Dollar Movie Night on March 20.  A representative from Ceres also announced a t-shirt sale.

The student senate then discussed the constitution of a potential new club, the Pioneer Rocketry Club.  After some debate, the senate approved the creation of the club, with no members of the senate in opposition.

Senator and sophomore civil engineering major Severin Kravchuk gave his reasons for voting in favor of the club.

“Personally, I voted in favor of the formation of the Pioneer Rocketry Club due to the students who are forming it, being extremely driven in following through with the creation process and showing a drive to achieve something by participating in the process,” Kravchuk said.

The senate switched gears and began to discuss topics that would directly affect the senate itself.  Most prominent among these topics was the induction of the UW-Richland and UW-Baraboo student governments into the UW-Platteville student senate, coinciding with the decision to make UW-Richland and UW-Baraboo sister campuses to UW-Platteville.  After much discussion, the senate stated that both UW-Richland and UW-Baraboo will be allowed two votes each in the UW-Platteville student senate, when a topic is of importance to the sister campuses or all three campuses.

Continuing with their in-house discussion, the senate officers reminded all in attendance that elections for current and new senate members are to be held soon.

The senate then asked for reports from the ex-officio members and staff liaison.  The only report made was a reminder to all attending that the senate would be holding a student organization workshop later in the week, which would essentially show students that are interested in creating a club exactly how to create a senate approved organization.  The senate then adjourned the week’s meeting.