New paddling points across Platteville

A wet fall season means excellent paddling and the Friends of the Platte River have made it easier than ever with three new launch sites. This September the group opened three newly constructed launch sites which are located at bridge crossings at County B, Big Platte Road and Bakers Ford Road. These new sites altogether help connect six launches on the nearly 22 miles of water trail that range from Ellenboro, Wisconsin, to the Mississippi River. The trail follows a gentle gradient through forests and fields with areas of burbling rapids.

The Friends of the Platte River and Civil Engineering students at UW-Platteville began this project in the Spring 2016 as part of their Senior Design course. The Friends of the Platte River is an area nonprofit that was established in 2006, they do various river cleanups, educational events along with developing the water trail on the Platte River. Local efforts from The Friends of the Platte River, Grant County, UW-Platteville engineering students and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have been directed toward designing and building canoe launch areas for ease of launching small craft. These three new launches are the latest efforts to improve the experience.

The three newest projects on the trail include a rock fishing platform and a driveway which are located at the County B Bridge over the Platte River. Funds were provided for these projects through citizen donations along with grants from ATC, UW-Extension and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. For more information visit The Friends of the Platte River Facebook page.