Open candidates forum and student elections

On Monday Behlke-Frey and Lodico-Moss were in the University North and South Rooms in the Markee Pioneer Student Center answering questions provided by the student body. 

The turnout was low, but the questions asked from Vice President Jay Oren and President Lucas Frey were still valuable. Questions included: “How do you describe your leadership skills?”, “Do you know what the personal responsibilities are for your positions that you are running for?” and “What is the future of UW-Platteville if you are elected?”

They were campaigning for the spring election that started on Wednesday, April 3 at midnight. Both campaigns have decorated campus and set up Facebook pages to provide information on their campaigns. The Behlke-Frey campaign objectives are making campus more inclusive and diverse, having Residents Hall Association and Greek Life be more involved with each other, having more female representation on campus, having more transgender advocacy, having better representation of Liberal Arts and Education and Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture majors, transportation hours extended in the winter, having a SMART meter for sustainability and, eventually, making college completely green by the year 2024.

The Lodico-Moss campaign objectives focus on promoting student engagement via social media, sustainability efforts from both campaigns, keeping the thriving diversity, helping to solve technological problems with the new college website and having live stream media of parking lots so students do not have to drive across campus and find a full parking lot. 

The student body president and vice president candidates were not the only people having an open forum. Student senators, along with advocacy senators, also had an open forum in the Platteville East and West Rooms at the same time. No students stopped by that forum, besides the fact that this was the first year conducting the forum. The candidates talked amongst each other about each of their campaign platforms and discussed executive board positions with Student Senate. 

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville students were also sent an email about the referendum topics that were on the ballot this year which included a smoking ban, transportation, academic building hours and campus sustainability.