Monthly update from Student Senate

As the semester winds down, Student Senate hopes to address several key issues on campus before the end of the year. Student Senate has continued to discuss the website transition, with Student Body Vice President Kurstin Frey sitting
on the Website Advisory Group (WAG). WAG discusses input from students and
staff concerning what should be implemented on the new website and works with
the website developers to implement these changes. Vice President Frey has been
pleased with the progress made on the website so far and has released the following
“While every major process will have its hiccups, it is also important to note
the accomplishments of this new website. It is cleaner, more efficient, and is much
more appealing in the standards of today’s technology. There were thousands of
pages on the former website that were no longer used and were full of out of date
information. The website needed a fine-tooth comb to really define what is needed
today versus out of date or duplicate information. The website was also a key part
of a re-branding initiative from the university, allowing us to market to new, prospective students. The goal was, and is, to provide a website with plenty of information to not only cater to our students, faculty, and staff here; but to the parents,
prospective students, and any other external
user as well.”
Vice President Frey also encourages students and staff to use the “website feedback
button,” as this gives WAG and the website
developer valuable feedback to better improve the website.
Chancellor Shields is scheduled to speak
at our Dec. 9 meeting. While Student Senate
plans to discuss a number of issues on campus such as sustainability and the decline in
enrollment, the public is welcome to come
and ask questions as well. As always, Student Senate meets at 5 p.m. in the University
Rooms in the Markee Pioneer Student Center. If you have any further questions, please
email us at [email protected]