The Thomas Hickey Writing Contest

The Humanities department is soliciting submissions for the annual Thomas Hickey Creative Writing Contest. The contest accepts submissions in three major writing categories: poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. Each category has prizes for the top three entrants of $100, $75 and $50 each. Thomas Hickey told Teresa Burns that, “He thought more students would submit if there were cash prizes, and he has funded the awards for the past years.”
The contest opened in December, but the deadline for entries is Friday, March 20 by 4:00 pm.
According to LAE Department associate Sara Koeller, those who win the contest will be invited for a reading at the annual Creative Writing Festival on April 20th .
The contest is open to all students, not just those in LAE, and all are encouraged to enter their works. For more details, visit the Humanities Department on the third floor of Warner Hall.
Previous contest entrant Stephanie Johnson said, “If you love writing, be proud of that love. Don’t ever let a disinterested reader kill your passion for your work. If your writing is sincere and makes you feel better about yourself and the world around you, then it is art to me.”