The little things really do mean so much more

hard adjustments in this upside-down world

As much as I thought I could be flexible and okay with everything that is going on, I admittedly am not okay happening right now. I am ultimately in a whole new environment where I feel as if I am barely able to hang on to everything. As a student who is in a very unique situation, I have had to adjust everything a lot quicker and a lot more extremely to ensure that I am still able to succeed, because I have to.
Unlike a typical 21-year-old, I don’t exactly have a place to call home. My campus, my job and my fraternity house told me to get out, and so I got. This wasn’t an easy situation for me as I couldn’t exactly waltz back into my hometown and sit back down in the room I grew up in to do my homework for a few weeks. I had to find temporary housing and a whole new job on top of that.
Fortunately, and unfortunately, I found something. I am now on the other side of the state in Racine working at a grocery store full time. This isn’t so bad because it’s work that I’m used to. Butchering meat and servicing people are industry practices that I’ve never wanted to do again, but thank goodness I have the years of experience to fall back on. This job has the ability to help me out for the time-being, regardless of how stressful it can be. I don’t have time to worry about my stress levels now that school is back in session. There is a lot I’d give to not have to endure panic shoppers daily, yet I enjoy it somehow. Seeing the smiling faces of people when they get to see someone who is happy compared to the rest of the world makes my day. Someone even talked to me for almost twenty minutes because they just needed it. In this current crisis of a world that we live in, sometimes a simple “hello” is all that we need.
This whole thing was a lot to take in and it still is. The little things are all that can make our day. I laid in the bath for two hours vegging out to Pink Floyd, I slept till noon and I even played Minecraft for the first time in years. These little things that I’ve been pushing myself to do or see can make the most out of this situation. Staying home is not too bad now that I’ve noticed things can’t stay bad forever, can they? You’ve just got to make the most of the situation, and everything will me alright sometime soon.